Studio Amati Architetti is currently an architectural consulting firm where a team of architect and engineer operate under the coordination architect Giuseppe Losurdo, architect Romina Sambucci and architect Francesco Abbati, three partners and professionals with 20 years experience in the firm.

Among the main clients of the firm, Studio Amati Architetti keeps strengthened relations with Leonardo-Finmeccanica, Ministries of Economy and Finance, Defence and Infrastructures, Sogei, Consip, RAI, Bank of Italy, Sviluppo Italia Group (Invitalia) e several Public Administrations such as Municipalities, Regions, Universities, Port Authorities and Industrial Consortium.

Studio Amati Architetti was founded in 1963 by Eng. Giuseppe Amati (1920-1991) accomplished professional with a special focus on survey and construction supervision, who worked for prestigious clients as Bank of Italy and IRI Group. The Studio’s headquarters are still in Viale Bruno Buozzi 77, Rome, where they were located originally.

Thanks to the paternal legacy, in 1997 Architect Alfredo Amati (1947-2016), converted the practice into an Architectural Consulting Firm accordingly to the principle of dividing the workforce in sectors and promoting the institution of managerial entities who acts upon each project through specialized working groups engaged in mutual dialogue and debate. Architect Amati has always believed in the importance of team work and of the exchange between the various specialized departments integrating each other’s work in the architectural design process.


Partner and Chief Technical Officer

Boasts more than twenty years of experience in the field of coordination activities gained over many works followed on behalf of Studio Amati.
He is specialized in integrated design of industrial and service buildings as well as restoration works. Led significant projects – from urban scale to building design – always operating from the standpoint of environmental sustainability, technical feasibility of the constructions and experimentation with innovative formulas for public-private cooperation (project financing).

He is head of the Tender department.



She has a solid experience in costruction and safety management gained in over twenty years of activity within Studio Amati Architetti.

She has completed works of considerable complexity in terms of size and budget throughout Italy, thanks to a great capacity of coordinating professionals involved in the team of the construction management and safety office, his determination in solving emerging problems on site and a special attitude for managing accounting and contractual aspects at runtime.
She is still following the biggest projects and construction sites of the firm in Italy and abroad, coordinating a team of highly qualified professionals.

She is also head of the company’s financial department.


Partner and Chief Technical Officer

He has gained extensive experience in project management as well as health and safety management following a wide range of assignments on behalf of Studio Amati for public and private clients, in Italy and abroad.
He is specialized in the field of aerospace and military industry, following complex building sites with special requirements in terms of time schedule, interfering processes and confidentiality.
As responsible for the quality standards of the Studio, Francesco tracks and costantly works to optimize processes and internal procedures both related to the executives and realization design aspects. He is also head of the BIM department of the firm.


Gianluca Abbati

surveyor - construction and safety manager

Chiara Airoldi

architect - construction and safety manager

Mauro Ala

architect - design manager

Isabella Baffa


Davide Calabrò

architect - BIM designer

Giulio Carapacchio

architect - design manager

Silvia Cori

architect - BIM designer

Martina Cuccari

architect - BIM designer

Davide De Cecco

engineer - BIM designer

Olimpia Del Re

architect - designer

Maria Dominijanni

architect - BIM designer

Giacomo D’Ugo

architect - construction and safety manager

Eleonora Fresa


Marco Giarè

IT manager

Fabio Laino

engineer - construction management assistant

Andrea Lani

architect - construction management assistant

Dario Lembo

architect - design manager

Valentina Liguori

architect - BIM designer

Maria Chiara Lupi

architect - BIM designer

Valentina Lutrario

architect - design manager

Emiliano Martucci

architect - design and tender manager

Pierandrea Mattioli

jr architect - tender office manager

Simone Perticarini

architect - construction management assistant

Maik Rezk

jr engineer - BIM designer

Valentina Sellati

architect - construction and safety manager

Arianna Spasaro

architect - BIM designer

Valeria Trentini

architect - design manager

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